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Download Admin Template - Simpla Admin

Item Name  Simpla Admin
Price $10

Features (V1.02)

  • Semantic, valid XHTML and CSS
  • Well commented code
  • Liquid layout – content resizes to the user’s window
  • Powered by jQuery
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Degrades well – functional without Javascript
  • 3 Colour schemes: Green, Blue and Red included – See the screenshots (new colour schemes can easily be created with the included .psd file)
  • Smart content box: tabbed content and minimizable header (click the box title to minimize)
  • Accordion Main Menu
  • Modal window on any element (click “3 Messages” in the sidebar for a demonstration)
  • Closable Notifications with smooth animation
  • Large, visual shortcut buttons
  • WYSIWYG Editor on any textarea
  • Smart Check-all-checkboxes function (check the first checkbox to check all)
  • .PSD file with everything included, layered and named
The template utilizes very few plugin scripts (most functions are hand coded) so the code is very lightweight and easy to manage/modify.
Note The CSS has a couple of invalid properties to make the design prettier: border-radius (currently not available in IE) and opacity. These properties are kept in a separate CSS -file, so it’s very easy to make the CSS completely valid if you want to.
Fonts The font in the logo is the Vista font Calibri. If you don’t have it, you can legally download it and all the other Vista fonts for free here.
The demo Just click the “Sign In” button. You don’t need a password.
Icons The large shortcut buttons in the demo are blessed with icons from the beautiful Function icon set. These icons are not included with the template for copyright reasons, but are available for free download. The small 16px icons can be downloaded here.
Make sure you check out the demo and also the screenshots to see the different colour schemes and a code sample.


  • V1.01 Fixed accordion menu animation bug in IE8 . Fine-tuned hover animation in the main menu. June 30th, 2009
  • V1.02 Polished the content box minimizing function – added the ability to have content boxes closed by default. July 11th, 2009
Available  Admin Template
Information Product Purchase  : 3308
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Demo Live Preview


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